Document Database Manager

Ever found yourself looking for a form that you know would save you so much time, only to spend those savings searching for the document?  Many times a form created for client may have a 90% or higher carry over rate in effort and work for another.  As your firm grows many documents get created, documents that if not stored properly in the beginning can often create a growing challenge to access the information.

This leads to inconsistency in work quality and method, as well as cost more time as your wisdom base grows.

With the LawFirmSoft Document Database Manager you can easily catalog your firms documents and hard work, making it both easy to retrieve and safe to store.  This represents a scalable solution.  The time it takes to manage, add and search for documents is independent of how many you are storing. 

*No Contract - Month to month:  If you choose not to continue with this service please understand all documents you have uploaded are yours and will always be made accessible to you.  The system used to access and organize these documents is what will be discontinued.

Organize all documents you create
Easy to use interface to search your growing document library
Share and have contributed to this library among other firm members
Private file system to protect forms
Easy one form interface to enter new documents
No Contract - Month to month*
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Monthly Price: