Basic Package

This gets you started with everything you need.  This package gives you an easy way to manage your content without needing to know code anywhere you have an internet connection.  It comes pre-packed with forms to fill out specific to your industry of Law, like practice area, firm members, a blog, news and updates as well as unlimited contact forms.  

What about hosting? - We take care all of that with this package.  With the hosting comes as many email accounts as needed and free hosting support.

Document Database Manager

Ever found yourself looking for a form that you know would save you so much time, only to spend those savings searching for the document?  Many times a form created for client may have a 90% or higher carry over rate in effort and work for another.  As your firm grows many documents get created, documents that if not stored properly in the beginning can often create a growing challenge to access the information.

This leads to inconsistency in work quality and method, as well as cost more time as your wisdom base grows.

Secure Client Login

When clients call asking for copies of their billings, or for you to send them documentation, this simply takes time out of your day.  The more clients your firm has, the more these requests come in.

Start correctly by managing your clients expectations and letting them know all of this information is available to them online anywhere there is Internet.  Your firm spends time anyway filing this information electronically 'somewhere'.  Why not put it in a consistent, safe and easily accessible place?

Online Invoice Tracking and Billing

There is a host of software options that offer these features, but they are costly, usually Windows bases (which requires a costly servers), plus costly software to run the costly hardware, not to mention the licensing fees along the way.

All data ever created is your in a database structure that can exported and imported elsewhere.

Internal Calendar and Docket Scheduler

Keeping your firm organized doesn't have to be hard or costly.  LawFirmSoft's Internal Calendar and Docket Scheduler is designed to show you clearly what your day, week and month hold for you, as well as any time overlaps or contradictions on a firm and per attorney basis.  

It also allows you be able to re allocated resources (i.e. re assigning another firm member to a court appearance) and have notices sent to those involved.  

The service is real time update to date and integrated with your website's login.